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sanlys    0

Hi i'm  developing "my own" tf2 item trading bot, and i'm stuck at the part where i want to make it so that the bot sets up buy, and sell orders, out of my pricelist automaticly on backpack.tf.

here is my code rn


at this time, it only accepts tradeoffers that has the correct items, and idles a game. it can also accept all tradeoffers from an owner steamID 64.

here is my pricelist


and here is my login config


thanks in advance ❤️

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sanlys    0

yes i do follow his tutorials.

and how do i do that? maybe you know of some tutorials or guides? because im really shit at this side of programming.

either way, thanks for your reply.

edit: also, do you know what this error means?https://backpack.tf/api/docs/create_listings


APIs based on user tokens are insecure and will eventually be removed.

backpack.tf is rolling out a new set of web APIs based on OAuth. Web APIs based on user token authentication will be removed at some point in the near future. You are encouraged to update your app to use the new OAuth endpoints as soon as they become available. Please read the OAuth docs for more information.

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Zeus_Junior    237
6 minutes ago, sanlys said:


Backpack.tf is going to move the api's to a OAuth, nothing dramatic for now. 

I dont know of any tutorials, but if you just try out a few things you might get it to work.


But theres quite a few guides somewhere on the internet so with some google work you'll find what you're looking for

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