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How to trade with spelled items?


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I was just added buy a guy who is quickselling some. I have never traded spelled items but i dont want to miss this opportunity for some (easy) cash.  My questions would be something along the lines:

How do i definate their real (sellable) value?

How at what price (% of discount compared to real price) should i be getting them?

How long does it take to sell them at lets say full price? I know it does really differate but im asking for average here

Any specitic items/group of items i should avoid?

What about KS/spell combo?

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There are no set rules(just like for anything else, but spells are a really good example of this). The best thing that can help you is your experience and the connections with people that have been trading them for a while and know for how much some items sold in the (recent) past.

The discount % is really debatable(like the "full price" too) and is mostly going case-by-case basis imo.

I've sold some items in less than 12 hours of listing them and some took over a month(but I like to be patient). The better stuff you have and the more connections(aka knowing who would be interested in some stuff) you have, the faster you'll sell the item or at least get the buyer to collect the pure.

Voices from below and Exorcism are the most mehhhh spells but on certain hats/weapons they can still get a good price if it's rare.

Spell combos do add value, mostly hween fire+exo/pumpkin+exo for weapons and CC+HH, spectral+RO, spectral+TS for cosmetics (mostly general case).


Hope this is a good enough summation since I don't know too much about spells either but I'm working my way around them :P

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I used to collect, when I trade single spells where anywhere from 1-5 keys depending its way harder to price them compared to unus bc theres alot more items that can be spelled

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Protip: You can search for spells on the Steam Community Market. That's how I get an idea of what spells are worth.

You can't search for spells for sale here on backpack, on outpost, or on marketplace. They're tricky to find and sell outside of SCM.

Generally, Exorcism < Voices < Paints and Pumpkin Bombs < Footprints < Horseshoes. You take the base value of the item and add the spell value.


Just so you know, the prices for spells on backpack here are for the tradable flasks that apply the spell, not the spell itself. Some people went through and priced them extremely high and now people think the applied spell is worth that, but applying a spell, just like applying paint or strange parts, drastically reduces the value of the part as it's permanently affixed to that item.

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