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The topic of sharking

Emanuel Jacobsson

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https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198151835897 This guy right here, just sharked a 1000+ key unusual, and besides me, one, ONE person noticed something was wrong and told the price, why isnt it a bannable offense when all the evidence for sharking is there? I know its a busy task working these kinds of topics/reports etc out, but...


why let sharking go scot-free and be ignored by the ever growing community?

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Apparently, he bought the unusual for 301 keys as stated from his suggestion. A gif is provided showing this trade, but it does seem strange that the keys were not recorded by Backpack.tf, at all, even if the user just started using Backpack.tf recently within the last week. 301 keys is a lot to move around.


If you definitely believe he has sharked this user, you should get proof to back this up in the form of chat logs of valdermar09505 talking with him via using this link: https://help.steampowered.com/en/accountdata/GetFriendMessagesLog as to access his previous chat logs, if valdermar agrees that he did get sharked. If you have sufficient evidence of using deceitful methods by the supposed sharker, you can then make a user report on him.

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