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BPB's Mini-Suggestion Thread for Duped Hats

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Duped Burning Anger
Sold w/:
6 keys
Hot Professional Killstreak Pink Elephant Stickybomb Launcher (Minimal Wear) (92 keys)
Tesla Coil Hong Kong Cone (120 keys)
Massed Flies Large Luchadore (25 keys)
= 231 keys


Hot Pro KS Pink Elephant Sticky (MW)
Sold for a Poisoned Shadows Vintage Merryweather + a Sunbeams Tippler's Tricorne (92 keys)
= 92 keys


Poisoned Shadows Vintage Merryweather + Sunbeams Tippler's Tricorne joint mini
Sold w/ a Sunbeams Tippler's Tricorne for an Anti-Freeze Surgeon's Stahl Helm (92 keys)
= 92 keys


Anti-Freeze Surgeon's Stahl Helm
https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5af814c844325a3d58609a43 = 92 keys


Tesla Coil Hong Kong Cone
https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5af839a744325a3e2e6d8989 = 120 keys


Massed Flies Large Luchadore
x1 at 25 keys
x1 at 26 keys

Taking this as 25 keys 

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