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BPB's Mini-Suggestion Thread for Duped Hats


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EDIT: May 2017. All sales older than 4 months have been cleared.


Feel free to post your own mini-suggestions here. If I see a good one on a suggestion, I might steal it. :P


The raw data from this thread was used to make this evaluation of duped and gifted hats: http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/6033-new-unusual-price-suggestion-guide-the-cheat-sheet/&do=findComment&comment=167485


Thanks to everyone who contributed. I have been updating the thread from time to time. All sales >6 months old are removed.

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Duped Sulphurous El Jefe, Credits to Moose for everything here!


Sale 1:


Sold for a Mega Strike Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery (70.5) + Hot Butcher Bird Grenade Launcher (Field-Tested) (65)

= 135.5

Rounding to 135









Sale 2:


Sold for a Isotope Professional Killstreak Backwoods Boomstick Shotgun (Factory New)


No valid minis. Not using.


Seller @ 132:


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Duped Harvest Moon Virtual Reality Headset

Since a ruling blocked this getting accepted, you might as well get SOMETHING out of that perfectly good suggestion ;)
So credit to Crimson.

Sale 1: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198069559160#!/compare/1494288000/1494374400

Sold for a Clean Atomic Phononaut (70 keys) + a Clean Vivid Plasma Big Country (27 keys) + 6 pure

70 + 27 + 6 = 103


Mini for Phononaut: http://backpack.tf/suggestion/59134c8e0e2cad228f510b8c - 70


Sale 2: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198334066390#!/compare/1493769600/1493856000


Sold for Burning Flames Bolted Birdcage (95 keys) + Stormy Storm Industrial Festivizer (15,5 keys) + 2 keys pure + 0,5 in sweets

95 + 15,5 + 2 + 0,5 = 113


So 108.

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Um i didnt know this existed, do we post here suggestions for duped hats that cant be suggested? I dunno


Duped Circling Heart Conjurer's Cowl








Starstorm Insomnia Tough Stuff Muffs(60)



outdated but around 70, could be used on the other hat



will use on the other hat

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Duped Circling Hearts Charmer's Chapeau:



Sold + Spec Aussie Wrench (19) + Aussie Scatter (24) + 25 pure for C9 Pullover (~160)

= 92




Sold + Logo Coldsnap (80) for Scorching AirDog (open suggestion at 112.5) + KaW Magistrate (16)

= 48.5 (rounding to 49)


Only recent sales. 49-92 gives an average of ~70, which there is a two-week unsold at ( https://gyazo.com/5cd4bf7404de6cfb672990ee52126453 ) so taking 70.

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Duped Circling Heart Brigade Helm 

Showstopper Taunt: Buy A Life(33)
histories doesnt match because it was traded so quickly but is its right then its about 33
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Duped Scorching Flames Fed Fightin' Fedora:




Sold for:

Swirl Broom (97)

Swirl Flippin' (55)

Moon Elfin' ( http://backpack.tf/suggestion/592bad2b0e2cad05414a5ac3 conservatively taking 60-100)

Pro KS Tomi Kit (~3.5)

7 keys

= 242.5 (rounding to 245)


Apparently has been one in scrap.tf for ages at 175

So 175-245, which would give you 210.

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Duped Burning Flames Sergeant's Drill Hat





That looks like a blatant quicksell, as does your magistrate "mini".

Suggestions posted in here aren't reviewed by mods like regular minis are, and posting "minis" like that is only going to do more harm than good.


Duped Burning Flames Sergeant's Drill Hat:


Sold + Bubbling Pot (15) + Miami Liquidator (19) + Spec Aussie Tomi (~12) for Hearts Nunhood (185)

= 139 (rounding to 140)



Sold for Duped Burning Pot ( https://gyazo.com/ead9f5b3c907f0721b925ecb65f4b5f5seller at 110) + 30 pure

= 140

Definitely worth 140.


Duped Burning Flames Magistrate's Mullet:


Sold for Spec Aussie Rocket (36)



Sold for P.Fetti Chapeau (48)



Sold for TWatt Condor Cap (46.5) + sweets (~1.5)

= 48



Sold for Subatomic Translator (30.5) + TWatt HWAH (15)

=45.5 (Rounding to 46)


If it can quicksell for 43 in cash, 36 is an outlier. Taking 46-48.


Please, check your mini before you post it here.

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