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23 hours ago, toxin said:

how much is a festivized killstreak loch n load and a field tested uranium rescue ranger

dude, have you heard of this cool website called backpack.tf? you can check the prices of your stuff on there if you genuinely don't know the value 

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8 minutes ago, toxin said:

ive already tried google, scrap.tf and the pricelist

Not sure why everyone in this thread is trying to give you hate for not knowing how to price an item.


Anyhow, due to the customisation of your items (decorated, festivized, kill streaked etc.), it's best to use Steam Community Market pricing.


The Festivized Killstreak Loch-n-Load can be found here in SCM. It recently sold for $3.65, or about ~1.5 keys. There's one currently listed at around that price, a few cents below $3.65.


The Field-Tested Uranium Rescue Ranger can be found here in SCM. It recently sold for $0.18, but previously sold for $1.55. I'd probably say that anywhere between $1.18 to $1.55 sounds reasonable, given that the Well-Worn version recently sold for $1.18, and the Minimal Wear version is currently listed at $2.49. There are some cases where the Minimal Wear version has sold for much under the Well-Worn version, so I'd probably say it's worth around $1.20 or around 1/2 a key.

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For skins and such, always check scm value, that's what bp attempt to price them off and equally how you can check them yourselves.

Simply multiply a somewhat reasonable price the item would well at but 0.85 and then find how many keys that is or decimal of a key to get a somewhat accurate ish ref value

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On 10/4/2018 at 11:50 AM, toxin said:

are you fucking kidding me?! i sold all of them for 16 refined fuck my life fisa;udapsbdasdasdasd

Ouch. Hopefully you won’t hang yourself over a dollar or two lossed in virtual currency.

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