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Help me price this


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53 minutes ago, Ankle Jack said:

I would price it around 30 to 35 keys since green energy one cost 36.5 keys


lol it's not a popular hat (aka a bad hat). it won't sell anywhere near g/e either.

guessing around 20-25 it may sell for. in the 30's for vivid there's high-tier hats (ex grim hatte / physicians protector) for sale. 30's won't happen

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16 hours ago, AD⚡HD said:

GE >>>>>>>> vivid




it averages at nearly twice as much 

yes sir! ^^ this guy knows whats up :D

what scares me is a guy that comments that vivid and g/e are even closely related is making pricing suggestions by the bundle :S ... but that explains some of them too I see now

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19 hours ago, Ankle Jack said:

It seems like you are new to Unusual trading, pls becareful with scammers. Avoid cash trade, don't click any links on steam.

how do i trade it now?


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