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What is the cheapest specialized killstreak unique item?


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So i have a prof. killstreak kit fabricator for the diamondback, and the last thing i need is 2 specialized killstreak items. Im trying to find the 2 cheapest ones, so i dont end up spending over a key to get 2 keys (more or less). Thanks!

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Also be aware. If you are making the professional kit to sell/trade promptly do not use steam market place. the kit wont be tradeable for 7 days and there is likely to be depreciation of some sort in that time...


Edit: Didnt read your first post correctly. if you are making it to resell. Dont bother. There is very minimal profit after having to purchase the two spec weapons. the only way to make fabrication work is to play mvm alot. and spend lots of money :D selling parts etc and buying parts and buying spec weapons makes you pay tax. make them yourself. play mvm and earn parts etc :D


example. Spending a 79 cents ticket usually yields 6 parts that can vary between price from 3 to 9 or 11 pence each on SCM. people often list them for some reason not realising there overall loss. The loss occurs on both ends to. the people who buy and the people who sell both lose out. THe seller pays commision for the item he or she is selling and the buyer pays that tax aswell..  Most spec uniques from Aperions post would prob be your best bet as they are also below SCM price. but you would make minimal profit.

Edit: i have just checked through the page on backpack.tf and it looks like the professional kits state they need unique killstreak items so are underpriced ref wise. Spec and prof all show the same KS requirements. that possibly needs to be sorted if people think they need the cheaper KS and not SPec KS for the prof kit it could cause some frustration.

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