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i need help


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dont spam threads.reset you account.change password and deactivate your mobile auth.im sorry for your loss.just be more vigilante in future

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Also remove your api key. It looks from that he managed to get you to login to a fake website or one of those dodgey skins sites that people get messaged about" Hey use this promo code QUAD40 etc etc for free £40". WHen you login to the dodgey site it asks for details and then boom. your fecked.. which in turn would of phished your details, which in turn would of allowed him to active your api key. So changing auth and passwords will not stop him if he has your API key.  You need to do all three.


Also looks like the first Fencer for that stolen item was a premium member of this site. ^^ With normal rep :S


Also has a very dodgey name history.

This user has also played as:

møno S> Gloves C. Kimono FN




zol ⇄ 24/7 Buying unusuals!



Marketplace.TF | Bot 70

[24/7] Alduin


So make sure your API key is revoked and reset your password. Also, Just curious. You didnt have someone randomly message you recently offering a discount code for a site? seems like this is on the rise again...

Also. All of those scam alts have been gifted premium. So someone who is a vip has given it to them. Wouldnt surprise me if the ring leader of this phishing/fence/scam network is actually someone right at the top of the ranks..... very sophisticated indeed. sadly i dont have access to IP logs to do proper forensics but this just makes me think the upper lot of high value people are the ring leaders in this never ended scam fest. There are three high tier traders linked to most of the scammer alts and fence accounts. Piotrex seems to be the most common. Isnt it illegal for high tier traders to trade with scammers or are they playing the rules. only going for items with 12 keys or less. most of the items scammed recently have been for that value

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