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Marketplace vs Bitskins


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Hullo there, and thanks for stopping by to read my post!


As I have recently been inspired to talk about Bitskins, I thought of a question that kinda gets me thinking and that's:


Would you recommend putting items on bitskins or marketplace towards the end of the month because of you-know-what?


I've so far only used mp for 2 months and stuff have sold fantastically but the 5% fee looks tasty but I'm just wary about the customer base for tf2?

As in I'm not quite sure I'll get the same volume of sales I managed to get on mp for a small-ish unusual trader (~$600 Between end of July to around 10 days into Aug)

and so I've hit a sort of dilemma as to which one I should choose.


Also, do Bitskins cover the fees when sending PayPal cash to you or do they not?


Thanks a bunch!




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From my experience of the site, I'd say that it depends on the items that you put onto there.


From having seen past item sales, it is generally commodities and low-valued goods that make up most of the daily volume of sales there. Thousands of keys get sold on the site, ranging from $1.67 to $1.89. You do get the benefit of being able to buy keys at such a low cost, however, as a seller, your best bet is to merely just sell the lower-end stuff on here as you tend to accrue more profit with the 5% fees and lack of competition.


For unusuals, it's probably best to list them on Marketplace.tf, as you're going to get more people wanting to buy them there for the timebeing. Furthermore, the system of how they price unusuals upon Bitskins is quite inadequate as it's through the average SCM price, meaning that discounts and suggested prices aren't a true representation of the value of the item and it does put some people off.


Bitskins doesn't cover fees when sending Paypal, however, given the lower sales fee of 5% compared to Marketplace.tf, you can get more funds to cashout to cover the fees if you cashout large amounts.

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