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Classified Listing Dodging

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Bahamo    17



As the title said this guy is trying to dodge his listing


Listing bumped 12 mins ago listed fo 4 months.




Offer sent he was still online.



Just to show he wasnt "away" status




Few minutes later i checked on the offer its still there. Hes offline and listing is gone.





Welp thats my story. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ok I know people will say "Dont make trade based on buy orders". I didnt, I traded the unusual because of its potential.

35 is only seller 5 in existance also has a nice effect so yeah. PLEASE BUY THIS HAT!! Jk xD


Have a nice day :)

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Mucy the Insane Psychopath    2
Mucy the Insane Psychopath

He most likely got it in another trade as a downgrade who knows?

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« SɱokEy »    96
« SɱokEy »

Was the trade declined ?
Please make a user report on the main site with all the proof you have.

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