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This guy has no games played but has clean rep according to rep.tf should i trade him?


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You can hide your games and hours with Steam privacy settings.


Doesn't look like a scammer to me, I see no problem with trading with them.

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You can find our guidelines on background checking here - 



There is a relatively new privacy setting in Steam that allows games/hours to be hidden and it's set to hide them by default. They probably just haven't made it public.This user is fine to trade with. You can ask in discord for quicker response times.

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16 hours ago, MordoBoss said:


Hes low lvl too but relatively old acc. We are also talking about unusual trading

You can see in his items for tf2 he has some strange weapons with kills on them. Cant fake that. Must have/have played tf2.


Spy-cicle 42 kills. Ambassador 39 kills. Shotgun 124 kills Etc

Not really sure why you would opt to hide your games and playtime really though (unless he is into those adult games and doesnt want be judged)

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