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Some kind of bug or i got malware


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I was buying an unusual off a guy  on  backpack.tf. We agreed on a price and i sent him an offer. After  a minute he tells me the offer was declined and a bot sent him an offer with my name and avatar. I found it strange because on My phone i accepted but it got declined. So i sent him the same  trade offer multiple times but the same problem  happened(Trade got declined by me and a bot sent him an offer instead). He  said he has been getting that too  but im not sure.


-I download a hud for tf2 for better performance. https://github.com/raysfire/rayshud

-As well as  a config for better performance. https://github.com/mastercoms/mastercomfig

    And i think 1 of those had some kind of malware or script that enabled this stupid feature.

Im not sure and im in need of help.

Thank you in advance

EDIT: This problem only happened with the guy Im trading the unusual with. Ive tried it with other friends and there is no bot.

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Sounds like the other guy's Steam account is compromised. The attacker's software is monitoring his trade offers and replaces them trying to steal his items.


Usually it works like this:

  • he receives and accepts your offer and grabs the phone to confirm it
  • the software immediately declines that offer
  • the software "disguises" the attacker 's account to look exactly like you and sends the victim a new offer
  • he confirms the new offer, not noticing that it is now a one-way trade (a "gift")

So basically it's stolen API keys scam but with more chances for the victim to notice that the trade offer has changed.


The other guy really needs to do the steps outlined in that link above.

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