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Beware this user lurking Backpack.tf attempting to scam


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TLDR: Added me at around 3:40am Central US time (with his BP sent to private), asked if I "trade/sell" my unusual after seeing it listed on backpack.tf, referred me to a link that steals your account info. Went private after I called him out. 


I've already reported him on steam and SteamRep but figured I'd give ya'll a heads up anyway. Don't know how his account isn't banned on steam yet. 



All his Account Info: https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/76561198005787058/


Picture of Chat: 


Private Account: 






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By the way, from all the variations, this is "the best" Fake Steam Login because the green padlock is there and it says "Valve Corp" and you can even drag-and-move the "popup" on the screen. 




But it's just not the real browser popup and not from steamcommunity.com. It's constructed with HTML on the scammer's website.




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