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Free Artwork Steam Group


So heres the thing, just send me the class you would like to get the artwork(Posters, Wallpapers, Portrait,etc).

Then I will answer the most frequently asked questions about the group.


-Q:Is it really free?

A:Yes, but we accept donations(totally optional)

-Q: What programs do you use?

A:We use photoshop and SFM

-Q: How many people are responsible for doing the artworks?

A:We are currently 2,(me and my partner)

-Q: What style are they using?

A:It depends on who you ask;

*In my case I am more of action scenes, where the character is defending or attacking,Something like this:


*On the other hand my partner

 It has a more vintage style, perfect for pictures or profile pictures,Like this:


-Q: How long does it take to do one?

A:It depends: of the items (if they are and if not, we have to download them), The effects, is not the same Miami lights that Harvest Moon, because the effects we usually do in photoshop.

-Q: Priorities?

A:The first one gets it first,But if you are willing to pay you will have priority.

-Q: What are the instructions that I must follow?

A: Are here!: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GumsArtwork/discussions/0/1710690176749300926/

-Q: I want an artwork and I promise to pay, with what I do?

A:It is not obligatory, but if you do it (we thank you), any item is enough (as long as it is not a box or a weapon all right :))



Here is the link! :



PD: Never ever We will order items or something before delivering on finished artwork!


Greetings: Elvis





1532225616_the medic in the cold.jpg

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