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The impersonator checker


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Geel did post it as a status update but, This way it should reach many others who missed it.


This tool will scan your friends list for potential impersonators.
For example, if Geel were to add you and offer you a deal, this tool will tell you whether or not Geel is really on your friends list.
This tool is not 100% fool-proof, so always be cynical of anyone offering a unique or suspiciously good trade!




As said above the tool scans your friends list and warns you of potential impersonators in your friends list.





ShaDowLeo is a IRL friend of mine - not an impersonator 

Shadow is a legit guy again not an impersonator but is someone who is frequently impersonated. 

I believe it picked up ShaDowLeo because of the similarity in the name and recent steam activity is also kinda same. 
Anyways even if you use the tool please make sure to double check before going forward. Best way to do that would be using - https://rep.tf/


Also I'd like to point out (most of you might have already seen this) 

A new banner that was added to many users profiles who are frequently impersonated.




For example 

https://backpack.tf/u/76561198112217552 - The Real Darth Chicken Gaming will have this banner displayed on their profile.


For clarification 
We will not be adding banners to your profiles by request. It was given out to users who are frequently and highly impersonated so if you need one, You need to demonstrate to us that you're regularly impersonated. You can links reports and active impersonators via discord or forum DMs to Teeny Tiny Cat


Stay Safe!!




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