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[Open] Confused...


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Never tell your password to anyone.
General Danger: Hello gray
GR4YB34RDD: another person calling me by name with a changed name.
GR4YB34RDD: hello :D
GR4YB34RDD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8OI9FllKfg
GR4YB34RDD: check this :D
General Danger: its really nice  video
GR4YB34RDD: yeah. dual sense
GR4YB34RDD: how are you?
General Danger: im fine gra
GR4YB34RDD: how are the games going>
General Danger: i didnt play i just run the game gray
GR4YB34RDD: what game?
GR4YB34RDD: how do you know me?
GR4YB34RDD: you were ghost rider yesterday??
GR4YB34RDD: oh i see you mean today running game. not in general
General Danger: Btw are you busy gray?
GR4YB34RDD: i am talking to you more than you are me
GR4YB34RDD: so no :D
GR4YB34RDD: but in about an hour i need sleep for work
GR4YB34RDD: how can i help you?
General Danger: i have a good news and bad news for you wanna hear?
GR4YB34RDD: for me?
General Danger: Yes
General Danger: Here check gray https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1444475876#2631724
General Danger: and i expect after you see that you will know me
GR4YB34RDD: nah
GR4YB34RDD: i aint reading that shit
GR4YB34RDD: who you rob?
GR4YB34RDD: lol
General Danger: Excuse me?
GR4YB34RDD: isnt that report on you?
GR4YB34RDD: oh ok
GR4YB34RDD: so yeah
General Danger is now Offline.
General Danger is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
GR4YB34RDD: ah you unstoppable?
GR4YB34RDD: wake up
GR4YB34RDD: well this is a first
GR4YB34RDD: someone blocks me
GR4YB34RDD: lol
GR4YB34RDD: well i never

He then blocked me. I am not quite sure what the hell happened there unless his link post was a boast?
Hes steam rep middle man?

On another subject. Thighs, Butts.


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Most likely a scam attempt, had you gone any further. Reading more of the page goes into the standard 'item verification process' that they like using. They put effort into it though, I'll give them that.

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in the guide it would seem a guide for scammers to scaam people and to show the inexperienced traders about this guide to scare/threaten them of.


the first 'steam community admins' in the pic shows to be a middleman and a valve employee.upon checking that actual account,its privated has a shit bp with no special tags




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