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A question about an items history.


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So today i wanted to go through memory lane, so i looked for my most prized possession during my interactions with steam. A molten malards killer's exclusive.

i had a lot of troubles locating it, and when i finally did i couldn't find myself in the owners/history section. Why is this?


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Through one of your TF2Outpost listings 2 years ago with the hat and clicking on its history, it does show that you did have the hat, as shown.



Comparing that to the backpack.tf history, there are quite a few discrepancies, so it is likely that it has to be a problem with Backpack.tf not having registered the hat within your backpack during the duration of the time of your possession, or that you did not refresh your backpack on backpack.tf (to cache / save this event of you having the hat in the bp.tf database) whilst you had it.

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