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Need a trading helper.


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Hey everyone, kinda need help with trading, so long story short, I used to trade like 2 years ago, and after that just kinda stopped, and wasn't interested in it, and now after getting 100 keys, I'm kinda looking to get back into trading. So if anyone could help me since I see trading has changed significantly in these past couple of years.

Any help is welcome, thanks!


Also feel free to add me on steam, it's way easier to talk there.

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1 hour ago, tardlife said:

Might help if you’re abit more specific what you need help with. 

He is most likely wondering what the market is like and what he should spend his 100 keys on

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As I've observed, best selling effects are;

  • Purple Energy
  • Green Energy
  • Time Warp
  • Morning Glory
  • Disco Beat Down

Stick with them.


edit: it would be good to know the reasons of being confusing that much.

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