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Trading Help [Spelled Items]

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So I need a bit of help. I'm sorta unfamiliar with the prices of spelled items, and I happen to have a bruiser's bandanna [EDIT: painted team spirit, not footprints] with chromatic corruption. I'm trying to sell it, but I don't know how much it should be worth. I'd really appreciate if someone could guesstimate an appropriate price to sell it for. I originally was considering ~25 ref, but I think it's too low because people are suspiciously overeager to buy it at that price.

Thanks :)

Also bp.tf link if you need to see it 



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Imho the question should be not "how much it's worth but "how high I can try to sell it atm".


Start at the last page of classifieds for this item and make your way down until you get somewhere here. People sell this item with halloween paint for 4-5 keys and up. Then it's up to you how quickly you want to sell it.


Also can check https://marketplace.tf/items/30397;6

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