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Need help w/ SourceMod/Server


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I started my own server recently but even though I've had prior experiences with SourceMod (both as an Mod and Owner, I also understand how to use overrides, add plug-ins, add new mods/admins, etc.), I just can't seem to get TF2Items to work on the server and I can't pinpoint what the problem is with it (I'm using the latest stable releases of both SMod and TF2Items). If anyone is highly experienced In using SMod and can help me set everything up correctly, please contact me or add me on Steam to talk (unless you'd rather discuss here).

Alternately, links to mod that don't rely off of TF2Items would be awesome as well.


If you're a good mapper, I can use help on that too. I need to make a map more useful to my server's needs. I can elaborate further on that if you add me.


I apologize in advance if this isn't the right place to talk about this.

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I conveniently woke up to see this. All of the other plug-ins were working expect for those that use TF2Items (obviously), but rn I’ve got a bigger issue that I can’t address until much later today (cuz I have work and still need to sleep) but I will keep an eye on the thread while I’m working.

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Hello @Inspector☆Lag


I could help you set up the servers but as of now I am not much online on steam. 
How ever there is someone I can link you to who is far better than me with servers and is also a good map maker. Had his own MGE and other  map made, 




please get in touch with this user. I am sure he will help you with the server but for maps you may have to pay. 

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