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Making Realistic Profile pictures w/Photoshop!

Kara Mamba

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Hello everyone! Im making pretty nice pictures, add me here.(my steam profile)        

                                                        My picture prices depends on these factors: (max 1 key per picture)

-Realistic lightning effects (sunshine etc.)

-Quality of the picture (how good it looks)

-Custom hats and cosmetics

-Rest is left to your imagination!


Here are some examples:                                                                        (i will remove watermarks after payment :))





And Here is my Masterpiece!

(site wont accept full size so it looks kinda crappy)





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2 hours ago, TurnTwister said:

What do you use to make the image of their character?


i use tf2 wiki pages pictures which works out better than sfm at the end of the day

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You're asking people to pay around a key for an image of them made up of just images from the tf2 will?

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They are so realistic i can't tell if these were shot in a photobooth or just an image created on a computer

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