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MY account is currently Hijacked


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Not big news, and who cares.

This is just for my friends just in case something happens to my account instead of a attention catcher, and also a warning? :/


So recently, my account got hijacked. it was stupid of me to trust him (criticize me as much as you want because I was a stupid idiot). He wanted my items and threatened me to give me his items or he will hijack my account. Since I giving him my items and my account being hijacked both made me lose my items, I chose not to give him my items. He does not have mobile auth which makes him not able to steal my things, but he has access to my account. If my current account shit talks to any of you, remember that is not me and a impersonator


Now you may be wondering: if my account was hijacked, how am I writing this post? Backpack.tf nor its forums log you out when you log out from steam, so I still have access to backpack.tf.

If anyone gets offended by this guy:https://steamcommunity.com/id/EdgySliceOfKek/ (me btw), remember that it is not me and don't get offended.


BTW, Hijacker: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112386777/

I was shocked when this guy, a very trustworthy person had scammed me.


Thank you for your consideration. I would really appreciate it if you would be able to lock my account until I recover

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wait,is this the tea opal youtuber?


edit:not its not.how exactly were you hijacked?if someone comes to you to doa  threat,always block them.please de-activate your account and reset password and everything else

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Well, i trusted him and you know, exposure


Anyways, my account has been recovered thanks to the steam support team

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