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My Aplogies


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A few months back I was banned for trading with scammers. I have been an avid Team Fortress trader for a long time, built bonds and friendships that are almost comparable to real life friends, only to let myself destroy those bonds with terrible mistakes. I’ve treated admins with disrespect, only to remember that I was the one who’d brought this upon myself. I want to sincerely apologize to those I’ve mistreated, and most importantly supporting the toxicity of the Team Fortress trading community otherwise known as scammers. I want to also apologize for the intentionional ban evading. In the heat of the moment I was overwhelmed by being banned off a site that is vital to trading.  None of this is an excuse, I should have rethought what I was going to do, I should have never traded with scammers and made sure they were legitimate members of our community.

                       I myself want to become a more respectable, honest, and reliable trader in our community. I’m asking for a second chance. I’m asking for forgiveness and an opportunity in our community. To add on to this. Teeny, I want to ask for your forgiveness on what I’ve said to you in the past. Even if this appeal isn’t accepted, I don’t want to be the person that everyone thinks is a demeaning player with no remorse. If I could take back everything I’ve said, and done I would do it in a heartbeat and change who I am. I want to change, I want to help, and I want to be part of this great community more than anything. To all of you reading this I appreciate everything you’ve done in keeping our great community safer, fun, and amazing.

Thank you to all who took the precious time out of their day to read this appeal.

With full remorse and changed person

-          Pixxious

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Pixx has been a cool guy.when pixx added me,his inv was like aroubd 400 bucks.today its so much.pixx worked hard a long way.we will see what the mod/admin has to say...

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If you're trying to appeal your site ban you should do it through the site, not on the forums.

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