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Looking for a new keyboard

The Penguins

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I've been using a membrane keyboard for about 3 years now and I'm now looking for a mechanical keyboard to replace it.


I've done some research on mechanical keyboards and decided I want:

- Cherry Mx Brown key switches or similar

- A full size keyboard

- $100 - $150ish (USD) price range

- Wired

- Media buttons


So far I'm favoring three keyboards:

- Logitech G710+

- Das Keyboard 4

- Corsair K70


Any suggestions or recommendations for other keyboards or opinions on the keyboards above?

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Always hear people raving about the corsair ones. My friend has a high end corsair, its the rgb one with selectable colours. Feels very well built, looks great and has lasted like 5 years plus by now

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Currently own a roccat ryos mk fx, which is cherry mx brown and bang on in your price range, also is extended and has 8 programmable switches. I've had this keyboard for nearly a year and having tried out many at places like insomnia, for me, it is definitely the best. That's my 2 cents anyway. Hope this helps.

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All of those are probably a bit of a waste of money, to be honest. Cherry MX Brown is fine but widely regarded in the mechanical keyboard community as pretty poor in terms of tactility and smoothness compared to some other tactile switches. Also all of those keyboards have thin keycaps with legends that will wear off quickly. The G710+ in particular has a big problem with the stems on the keycaps breaking off, and replacement keycaps aren't easy to get because of the non-standard layout. The Corsair also has a non-standard layout.


You'd probably be better off getting a much cheaper Chinese keyboard with cherry clones, unless you can get any of the ones you listed for a really good price. Gateron switches in particular are generally considered to be much smoother than cherry, though I haven't tried them myself. There are some pretty decent ones for ~$50-$80 on Amazon or Ali Express. I can't think of any off the top of my head with dedicated media keys but I'm sure there are some.



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