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Mad is taking drawing commissions


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Shaded commissions


headshots - 5 keys

bust up - 6 keys

half  body - 10 keys

thigh up - 12 keys

full body -15 keys


background +5-10 keys


I do accept paypal

I do accept items overpay


can shoot me a friend invite through steam to discuss, I won't bite :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Madgothicgirl/


please do not ask me to do free art




about commissions


- I take payment upfront

-I do any species

-I can draw OC

-can do gore, nsfw (pay more for these though)

-please don't rush me, I take time to work.

-don't work with deadlines, if you have deadline for me the price will go higher.












koon kim.png

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Hello I'm open for commission once again! :)

Here's something smaller, a chibi commish!

10$ for a full body chibi in this scale

6$ for a chibi icon :)

You can leave a reply here or add me if interested ^v^





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