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Stressed From a Perma Ban


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Today became a nightmare. I had been perma banned on a such good and willingful website. This the first time time to be perma banned on a website. I found as if I'm not a trust worthy person and a thief with this ban. I had been a good person and a good trader and I love this site. I going to miss it permanently. I will regret this ban to this day. I have met new people with this site. Made a lot of friends. It always breaks my heart when I get perma banned on the site. It feels that this ban was like as if I'm serving a life sentence. Everyone is not perfect. All I just want is to trade and have fun with others. I know how you feel that trading with scammers is wrong and one day I will end this scamming once and for all. No matter if I get unbanned or not this will never be forgotten. One day I will make journal or my thoughts or even make a sfm of this. I deeply sorry and saden for the act of betrayl and disrespect of having this ban. Especially when its a first offense. I hope this letter will learn the experiences of using this site are fading away. I will still not use hate and use peace to solve this conflicting nightmare. No matter what I will not give up. The ban still haunts me today. I will always blame myself no matter what. Goodbye.😕💔💔


My banned account: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198166314775

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