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Puppiecup's Art Commissions


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I need to fuel my addition to cosmetics for this game so here we go
Here you can commission me to do art of your loadout, or even your OC in your desired loadout

Comment down if interested or you have any questions or send me a pm!



 Do not beg for free art.

I do OC and Fanart, I can do male and female ones

No rushing. Don't come to me asking updates for your art every 5 second or so.

I accept a variety of payment. I do keys, tickets, items, and even metals. I can also accept Paypal payments too




Icons: 5 keys/mvm tickets

I'm da' best, Baby! by Puppiecup


Waist up: 10 keys/mvm tickets

FacialHair Payment Red by Puppiecup



Full body: 15 keys/mvm tickets

Flying boi jerry by Puppiecup


ITEM LIST AS PAYMENTS: http://fav.me/dby8s2y


once you've decided, pm me to discuss more

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Hello, author here. 

Sadly I can't take anymore commissions from here on out. My computer is busted and I dont know when I'll receive a new one, at least a few months to my knowledge. 

Sorry to those who wanted a commission. I'll bump this again when I'm able to open them again

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