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I don't get it!


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I still don't understand how backpack.tf works (after using it several times).

Does the community suggest prices and, if they pass, they get changed everywhere (scrap.tf, Steam, etc.)?


Can someone please explain? Thanks. 

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To explain a bit more:

Backpack.tf is a site where people can look up items and see their approx price based on other buys/sells in the hopefully recent past. Although the trading community mostly follows the bp.tf price to the "T", it is just a " suggestion". 

An even longer explanation:

When tf2 trading was first a thing, people more or less bartered for what they wanted without always necessarily knowing what the items were worth (based on rarity of course..) So a few websites tried to make lists of approx prices to protect people from giving away let's say, a pair of buds (which was worth ALOT more than it is now) for like, a new weapon in the game... (Like the gunboats...(at that time))

So came along backpack.tf which started off as a community based spreadsheet where people were able to submit how much they bought/sold things for. And searching for an item took an insane amount of time. But as the internet and website developed... It got as extensive and reliable as it is now

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