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A fishy offer


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I don't really like telling stories, but let's just say the context is "I'm selling my unusual to buy someone a gift, and then.." 


.. someone offered me something surprising. Earlier this day I got pinged up in steam with a trader offer that boasts over 7+ keys of my ad. "Great!" I thought, but I decided to be cautious just incase this is something bad. 


Turns out the guy's profile is "meh". What's more fishy is his backpack.tf profile (look at the picture) 


I might just be paranoid or too careful, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious in the internet haha! 


PS: Sorry if I seem to be too newb-ish for some people here, I only know the basics of trading - trusting no one included. 



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First off, those two items are festivized so it's not close to festive weapons' prices and secondly, I personally wouldn't trade with an alt to prevent getting banned :v

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First time posting here and I didn't expect a fast response haha! Didn't know that there's a difference between those weapons, thanks for the heads up ^^


Rejected the offer as advised, thanks for the help ^_^ 

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