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[SUGGESTION GUIDE] What is a Mini?

Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

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I like Guiding,


Before reading this I recommend you read the Full Unusual Suggestions Guide https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/6033-rules-for-unusual-price-suggestions/


It's not uncommon to see a suggestion comment asking you to look for a Mini - OWSDV3.jpg


So what exactly is a Mini?

To put it really simply a mini is a sale/series of sales to show what an item is worth now



How does a Mini come about?

Here comes an example; as of writing this guide I'm trying to price the 'It's a mystery to everyone Hellmet'

As with all suggestions you should find all the sales.


Let's suppose you find a valid sale and it was a 1:1 (obviously this doesn't always occur but for the sake of this guide I'll keep it simple)


There's now 2 ways to go about the sale, either it needs a mini or it doesn't.



When will I need a Mini? (Way #1)

One sale on the Hellmet is - https://backpack.tf/item/4795994665


The Hellmet was in a 1:1 with a Green Energy Ol' Snaggletooth


Now we check if the Snaggletooth is in-date or not and it isn't. The last suggestion was done by The Mighty Bob about 1 Year ago - rMS8Fp.jpg


- If it was updated over 3 Months ago then it needs a mini

- If it was updated under 3 Months ago then it doesn't need a mini



What if it doesn't need a Mini? (Way #2)

There's another sale on the Hellmet - https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198177059485#!/compare/1525046400/1525132800


Here it sold for a Cool Carpet Bomber Stickybomb Launcher (Minimal Wear) in a 1:1

The stickybomb launcher was updated 2 Months ago -



Which means it doesn't need a mini and you can take the current price (36 in this case). If the suggestion has a range then take the middle value - 



You'd take 21 Keys for the Big Chief and 13 Keys for the Baker Boy (The mid-point is 12.5 Keys but this gets rounded to 13 Keys)



"Right so I know I need a mini but How do I produce a Mini?"


There are primarily 2 Ways of doing this;


Way #1 - *This way is preferred amongst moderators*

Make a complete suggestion for the hat you need the Mini on.

Remember I said earlier I needed a Mini for the Snaggletooth? Well I'd make a Full Suggestion on the Snaggletooth so you would update 2 (or more) hats and get more Contributor Points!


Why is this better?

- It helps you to be more accurate and

- You get more hats updated


- Use sales up to 3 Months Old



Way #2 -

Find 1/2 Sales

Different example to the Hellmet here, I'm pricing the 'Death by Disco Prehistoric Pullover' - https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5b06e6b7cf6c753b2d1ef08e


This has a sale for a Searing Plasma Hong Kong Cone which needed a Mini. However the Cone had a LOT of sales and the majority needed further Minis so I chose to find a couple sales that represent the market.


Why is this better?

- Helps save time and

- Reduces the effort if a lot of further minis are needed


Why is this not as good as Way #1?

- If another suggester makes a full suggestion you might have to resuggest (because they've found ALL the sales) and

- Not as accurate


- Use sales up to 4 Months old



How should I reference Minis?

This is down to personal preference, you could add a line like - oXD3M1.jpg

You could put this underneath the sale or at the bottom of the suggestion. You can just leave it, mods will check if it needs a mini or not.



"Help I can't make a Mini"?

If you can't find any sales then you could use the Original sale to price the one you're trying to mini.


If you really need the Mini then try using Unsolds beneath backpack.tf price


Check places like Marketplace.tf where there might be sales that you may have missed


Or you could use the current price, even if the price was updated <1 Year ago you could still use it, it's been done before but I wouldn't recommend it. Especially if it's >1 Year outdated (the price may have changed a lot since then)



Hopefully that helps, if you have any questions still then add me on:

Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/EazyPeazySqueezyLemonsTrader/

Discord - Lemons#6311

Backpack.tf Discord Link - https://discord.gg/f5VS7cr

Solely Suggestion Help Discord - https://discord.gg/6qw8HwC


Or contact me here, hopefully this helps. Good luck with suggestions!


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