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Good place to find MM? Any names come to mind?

Communist Moose

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I am looking to buy a Golden Pan with Pay Pal. I have no clue where to find a MM that is reputable and has a lot of experience.

I bought a Golden Pan using the same methods before but the MM (Shadows from HG) was a friend of the seller and me, so we convinced him to do it along with a tip.

He held the pan, I sent the money, the guy confirmed the money, and then transferred or whatever, and I got the pan then. It was pretty simple and went smoothly.


Just having a hard time finding a MM that is reputable. I don't want some guy with 50 rep selling keys here and there and brokered some items.

I am not allowed to make any purchases on Marketplace until I can verify my billing address (everything else has been verified except this), they sent the postcard but it's been over a week and nothing. Before that they put it on hold and days go by with no response even after tickets are made.


Any person or place to look come to mind?

I'd like to get a pan, BUT if the planets align and I get the postcard from MP then I will just use MP. Who knows when that'll be now with the holiday coming.



We found a MM, it was Sexy Emu ☢ ジ -=SMT=- from steamrep. Everything went perfectly fine and both the seller and I can't thank him enough.

Thanks again to Lila for linking me to the steamrep page.

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