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Listing multiple items at once on BP.tf?


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Not entirely sure if this is the right place to put this topic, but it seemed like there wasn't really a great place. 

I've been out of the trading scene for a few months now, and might be hopping back in. Went on bp.tf to throw up listings for some junk I've got lying around in my bp, and couldn't seem to list things the way I used to. 

By that I mean, i seem to remember being able to select an entire group of items out of my bp pages, and then press sell, and it would automatically put up listings with auto generated prices. The settings for this are in your profile settings or something similar. You can change if your listings go up at the high end or low end or middle of the price range, and you can change what the listings have written on them by default. 

Has this been changed? Am i forgetting something? Is the feature bugged currently? Thanks in advance.

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2 minutes ago, GMFRK99 said:

Maybe I should clarify: I see the options still there, but when i go to list a selection of items, nothing happens. 

The only bug that i know of is where auto filling fails (cant list the item) when the price is very outdated (few years)

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