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Backpack.tf Suggestion Squad

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Greetings All,


Me and Erik are Co-Hosting/Reviving an old idea which we're calling the "Backpack.tf Suggestion Squad" our aim is to invite newcomers to the world of suggesting, to have fun and update a few prices along the way.


Some older members might recall the group that this is based off. The basics are the same; We set a challenge i.e. Price as many Unpriced hats as possible 0/50. Users then compete and make as many suggestions in a 1 week period. There's also a little prize pool to be earned!


Whether you're a seasoned suggester or a complete newcomer we're welcoming all! Seasoned suggesters and Backpack.tf price mods are there to offer help and advice. It's the best way of learning how to suggest (and this training will come in handy for the pricing event coming up soon)


So feel free to join our Steam group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/backpacktfsuggestionsquad

And our discord channel (You'll need to have discord to be able to participate) - https://discord.gg/6qw8HwC


We look forward to meeting you all!



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8 hours ago, SVENNEN123 said:

What happened to the old group?

I'm not entirely sure, when I first started suggesting and I came across that group it was one of the last challenges. I think they were run by Shufflespy (Who doesn't suggest much these days) and Aarcosn (who doesn't do moderating anymore, apologies if I spelt the name wrong as well)

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I'm very new to the world of suggesting, but so far you have all been very supportive. Hopefully more will come by. :)

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