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Eve Online man...


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I said this in an update but im just too blown away. O_o

I know im kind of late but damn, that is a big battle. Im astounded that a feat like that could even be accomplished in a video game, un scripted as well. Reminded me of the Star Wars space battle scenes  :3


$300k is a lot, even if it is virtual-to-real-currency converted.


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Im still confused on what exactly happened here? Supposedly it started because of an unpaid bill? Wha?



EVE Online has always been a fountain of stories like this. From talk of quasi-hitmen being hired to unplug people's modems IRL during key in-game battles, to that one player who started up their own bank (complete with loans, interest, employees, and external investments) then just walked off with all the companies assets one day (and that other player who did nearly the exact same thing three years later). It's a credit to the developers that they've created a series of systems that so closely mirrors the real world (and a comment on the players that they never ever pull any punches).

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