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Was pixxi0us ban fair?


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I think the ban is totally justified.

The history probably didn't show up because POSE had a private inventory at the time you traded or was set to "friends only"

Besides the creation of the account was really recent and has 0 hours of TF2. Low steam level. Things that are clearly stated in the "guide for background checks" which is also linked in the community rules listed here. https://backpack.tf/rules


Also avoiding a ban wasn't the brightest idea either. Bans are there so you learn your lesson. By avoiding it you clearly don't feel bad about it nor did you learn your lesson. 


Just because you helped the community it also doesn't necessarily mean you should be treated differently from other users. If you break the rules, you should deserve the same punishment. 


mighty bob contributed about 10x the amount of suggestions but he still is banned because rules wouldn't be rules if they were biased.


Sure trading with a scammer might be a minor mistake but we make mistakes to avoid them. Your big mistake was not learning from your mistake. 


Even if a ban is "permanent" you can appeal them after a certain period of time. There are also plenty of people that still trade even whilst banned on backpack.tf

Either way thats just my opinion. Best of luck with your trades.


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A temp ban for trading with scammers a second time is more than fair. You were banned for trading with scammers a few months ago, where we linked you our guide for background checks. You were told this in your appeal. You still chose to evade your ban, which we do not take kindly. Your permanent ban for ban evasion stands.

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Reiterating cashew here, just to ensure you know that both admins and all staff agree with the decision. We completely understand that people make mistakes, and we give multiple temp bans for accidental trades with scammers before a permanent one, which is more than you get on other sites. All you had to do was wait out the temp ban, but you chose to disrespect the site and the rules when you decided to evade instead of accepting that the mistake was yours. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

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