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Squared_    0

I'm pretty new to the scamming business, but never in my life have I experienced this. I'll place these into chapters of the different scams he managed to pull on me, with the last one that worked being red. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.


Note: I was really fu***** tired when i got scammed, so i forgot to check the REP. I haven't also played TF2 or traded in under 1-2 years.


The Scammer's Alt (but the person who scammed me):


The Scammer:



Chapter 1:

This guy adds me out of nowhere, most presumably out of my outpost.tf and backpack.tf trades, and says if my unus taunt is up for sale (which is only what i have apart from 2-3 hats and a scrap.) in which i said it was. He told me that if i was selling it on marketplace.tf (which other people said he tried to scam by) he would buy it, but i declined - because i didn't want the money, just the pure.

Chapter 2:

The guy then asked for the price, in which i told him 10 keys. He said he would give me 6 keys, which i instantly declined. I said that quickbuyers are for 8-9 keys. He said that he'd give me 10 keys if i used a referral code on a CS:GO gambling website for him. I agreed, still tired at the time, and i tried to log in with the authentic steam button. Still didn't work after verification.

Chapter 3:

I said it didn't work and that if we could just do it on steam with no referral codes or external payment. He said okay, as long as i added in some extra hats and cheap stuff. I agreed, giving pretty much my whole inventory of 3 hats and 1 scrap, with the unusual. He said he'd give me 11 keys, so i added 11 keys on his side. I verified it, i don't know if it showed up (extremely tired), and i waited. It got accepted. There were no items in return. At this point i was freaking out, shaking furiously, and i asked where the keys were at. He said he didn't know, keep going offline and online, and i checked my trade history.

The original trade got canceled, whereas a new trade with the items and no keys in return got accepted.

It was in his inventory but later disappeared, most likely due to him trading it off.

I said i was going to report it on here, because he didn't unfriend me at this point. I said i was going to report it on steam, too. He started freaking out saying that i wouldn't report him, then he sent me some screenshots avoiding the original trade as much as he could. I asked for ones of the original trade and above (to see if he traded it off) and he then unfriended me. I'm now reporting, because he was extremely sketchy.


I don't know if i should report this since he's already banned on backpack.tf, but i need some advice on how to sort this out.

Please, i need some help on this, this unusual taunt is pretty much all i have on TF2 and the people who did want to trade with it cannot now because it has been either glitched or scammed.


Edit: found out how he scammed me, https://marketplace.tf/blog/posts/YHLZOB

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Squared_    0
3 minutes ago, Daddy Alex said:

Sorry, you will not get your taunt back. For details of the scam check both blog links in my post here


Oh, well.

That's saddening.

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Diamond jozu    169
Diamond jozu

well the scam method is hijacking your account.you need to do this shit now.


change your id and password.have your account locked from trading by removing your steam auth right now so that you will get 15 days trade hold to prevent the scamer from taking more items.it was his website.im unsure why you still agreed to use his referral code when it was about csgo while the trade was for tf2.well it was a 10 key scam item.just be more careful in future.use scamadviser in future

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