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Buying / Selling Crates Early Guide

Daddy Doug

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So seeing as the Blue Moon cosmetic series has come out, it's time to dish out a quick list of things you should do when a crate comes out. This is more like a rapid-fire advice chain instead of a full-blown guide.


Referring to the prices below, we can identify the peak of the price of the crate, being at $2.89 (Although I've seen it reach upwards to $3.20 before) and is now at its incredibly rapid decrease (As of 10:00PM CST it is now hovering around $1.00.) Now for the meat of it.



  • Sell early, sell fast, sell when you see prices drop instead of rise.
  • Sell to buy orders if the price is rapidly decreasing below your sell order
  • Keep an eye on when demand reaches its peak, min-maxing your profit.



  • Set up a buy order, at the price you are willing to pay at.
  • Whether it is $0.03 or $0.50, the price of the new crate will eventually catch up to your order, so wait it out.
  • It's never too early to sell the one crate you have if you're waiting to buy 19 more for a mass unboxing!


Of course, this isn't all there is to it. Once the initial buys go over, the price will hover around its lower prices for a while until it settles at its last 0.03$ tag, becoming a literal penny stock. This means you won't be able to sell for more than scrap at best. If you missed your opportunity to sell the crate when you could, there will be more in the future with each update bringing more and more cosmetics to unbox.

Crate Price.PNG

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But what about the youtube early bird moneys?


All joking aside, nice n short comprehensive guide. 

Somethings I've noticed from my own experience:


-Weapon (and now war paint cases) tend to drop in value a lot slower than cosmetics cases (some never even hitting the 3p mark)

Example: Winter cosmetic case: 


Next to the winter war paints case:



-Cases rise a lot higher in value when Valve doesnt implement cases properly into the drop system.


Here's the curve for the powerhouse cases: (implemented about a week after the initial gun mettle update dropped)


And why not, the creepy crawly case (You can feel it coming: implemented a week after the update hit) Also note the stereotypical cosmetic case drop here, 



These observations do nothing much for what you mentioned under "selling the cases" but does help when considering a buying price for cases and how long a general drop to a certain value usually takes. 

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