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Tips n' Tricks for average SFMer?

Lewis The Key

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Hey guys! It's Sensei Lewis or Lewis The Key and I have a question for SFM community and SFM professionals. Where did you guys learn all your tips and tricks about SFM poster making and how to I make a good image that people would actually like? Is there a certain video you watched that you would be happy to share with me? Is there a certain channel that I can learn more? If any of you guys know a channel or video then please post it in the comments below. Many thanks to everyone who comments! P.S. I do SFM posters for FREE! But if you want a poster please one person at a time! I have school and have to go to sleep sometimes.

My posters are NOT professional but hey, its free!

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I would suggest watching a timelapse / stream of someone doing a poster.

Then looki up 

  1. Zachariah Messiah
  2. Jimer Lins SFM Tip of The Day.



And please dont make posters as a way to get quick money.

Also, I will always answer questions since I would never have been able to do what I do without this friendly dude giving me advice.

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