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Using alts to create sale listings?

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So I wanted to ask whether it is 'illegal' or a bannable offence to use an alt to create classified listings that link it back to my profile to trade [E.g. In the description, I tagged my current profile for them and trade offer for them to trade from there]?


Here is the reason why: As I have recently added a few 'High priced-Not updated' Taunts to my inventory, I have had a lot of people coming to beg me for items and using my 'High Value Backpack' as an excuse for me to donate some items, in which it only increased after I got these taunts a few days ago, so I was wondering whether transferring my items to my alt, then creating a listing to trade with myself would get me in trouble?


P.s. Just in case anyone asks me why not just ignore these trade offers and move on, it's because there is not a few of them, so I was thinking of this ways to prevent that from happening as nothing gets more annoying than empty trade offers of my items.

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As long as you stay within the listing cap for one account and/or donate or buy premium for the alt, I don't have an issue with this.

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