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How low will the key prices go? and when will they go up again

trading guru

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I am quite pleasantly surprised how fast keys are dropping in price. But will they ever stop dropping in price and when will it go up again? 

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Well this is what I think that happened, This can be true or completely wrong
The reason for the drop was because valve shut down every bot farming accounts no more free drops if you just stay in game on tf2. 

Many users panicked thinking tf2 is dead now and started dumping all their items to bots and these bots started running out of refs and they started selling keys for refs and every bot wanted to sell their keys 1st so they kept dropping and dropping their price.
My bot was one among the several other bots that bought a lot of items during that time running out of refined. 

When things got stable again keys started going back up again and I think its stabilized at 32 ref for the past few weeks
About keys going up again (yes it will surely) I dont think its gonna drop below 30 ref ever. Unless something like this happens again.

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