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Guide to find all the unusuals weapons listed on the website!


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Hello dear traders, 

Here I'll teach you the best way to find all the unusuals weapons listed on backpack.tf!



- When Valve fixed the unusual weapons (with the war paint) to decorated weapons quality in the last update, backpack.tf can't determine If a weapon have the unusual quality or no, they are tagged as "decorated weapon" except some exception. It's why when you search for an unusual weapon you can't see all the listings. 

- And It's not that simple to choose the best setting.

That change affected mostly the war paint skin.


Preview; Compare these both way to search an unusual weapon by the Classified Listings:

Simple Search: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?slot=primary&class=heavy&quality=5

Advanced Search: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?slot=primary&class=heavy&particle=701%2C704%2C703%2C702


First step: Go to Classifieds Listing



Second step: Choose the best setting for you

For this guide, I want to found the lowest rocket launcher unusual aviable (any effect, any wear) and compare it to the others.


To start, never choose the unusual quality when you are searching an unusual weapons, like I said, "backpack.tf can't determine If a weapon have the unusual qualityor no". Even if there is some exception.



The best way is to choose all effects of unusual weapon (Cool, Hot, Isotope and Orb Energy). If you want only a rocket launcher with Isotope effect, you just have to choose it, not obliged to search for all effect.



And to finish; Never type the name of the weapon you want as unusual, exemple: Rocket launcher.




If you want to found:

Unusual Rocket launcher, Black box: --------------------------------Set: Primary; Soldier.

Unusual Minigun, Tomislav, Brass Beast: -------------------------Set: Primary; Heavy

Unusual Flame Thrower: ---------------------------------------------------Set: Primary; Pyro

Unusual Scattergun, Soda Popper: -----------------------------------Set: Primary; Scout

Unusual Grenade Launcher, Iron Bomber, Loose Cannon: Set: Primary; Demoman

Unusual Sniper Rifle, Bazaar Bargain -------------------------------Set: Primary; Sniper

Unusual Crusader's Crossbow -----------------------------------------Set: Primary; Medic

Unusual Pistol, SMG, Shotgun ------------------------------------------Set: Seconday

Unusual Wrench, Jag: -------------------------------------------------------Set: Melee; Engineer



Now you know the best way to don't miss listing for a unusual weapon =)




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