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Subcategory For Unusual Weapons?

Redneck Rabbit

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Subcategory For Unusual Weapons

While I'm well aware that Unusual Weapons are a niche market, for those interested in buying them, It's quite confusing to price the items. From what I've seen, a fraction of skins never seem to leave the unboxers backpack or get sold for extremely inconsistent prices. Another large issue that plays into the part of weapons being harder to sell would be the fact that there is no easy way to find listings, sure it's possible, but annoying compared to normal unusuals. I'm sure more people would be interested if each skin was treated like a hat, maybe even to the extent where when the selected effect is clicked on, another list of each wear shows. Another approach to keep things neater would be having a totally different page for just skins due to the amount of skins plus each weapon they can be applied onto. I'm unsure how others feel about unusual weapons, but I definitely find trying to trade for them frustrating.



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