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Pricing Spelled Wepons


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I Have a Strange Black Box Whit Pumpking Bombs

A Strange Rocket Launcher Whit Exorcism

A Strange Flem Trhower Whit Hallowen Fire

And A Strange SpecKs Bat Whit Exorcism

I Really Want To Know a Price For Them Because i Hera a Lot Of People Thta Tell Me That They Are Noyhing Special An d Other People Tht Sell Them For a Lot Of Keys Help Me Pls

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Try scrap.tf auctions, IMO best place to sell spelled items.

Halloween Fire adds the most, followed by Pumpkin Bombs, Exorcism not that much.

You should be able to get +~ 1-2 Keys extra out of the Flame, maybe a Key on the Black Box and a couple ref for exorcism


Just make an auction with what you want to get for it as min bid and see what offers you get.

If you get no offers lower your min bid and try again, rinse and repeat until you sell it.

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