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[Android / iOS] Crate Opener Simulator for TF2


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Crate Opener Simulator for TF2

This is the Crate Opener Simulator for Team Fortless 2.
In this game you are able to unlock all possible crates (over 100) and win over 1000 items in different qualities and grades.
Game has inventory system where you are able to sell and trade your item.
To make things more interesting we have added item flip and virtual betting featuring real teams.
To use trade-up contract you need 10 same grade items and you will be rewarded with one grade higher item. 
This game has money system implemented meaning every unlocking costs you something. Your goal is to keep your balance above zero by trading your items smartly.
Also bank system is now present, whenever you are in need of money you can get paid from bank interest or loan temporary money.
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Now days first thing in mind after watching these apps and scripts. 


1. Is it legit?

2. Maybe it can read mobile steam auth code ?

3. Should i install or not?

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