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Need help for a decission

Mr. Walter

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Hi! I recently built my own new computer and it came with a HMA Pro VPN by AVG, its a 59.99 value and stuff and offers benefits, i'm going to submit a picture of the front of it, but i want to get rid of it and or maybe sell it, but I know not many people trust the kind of business so, I don't know what to really do with it. and I don't have a use for it either. so, i really am in need of advice on what to really do with the damn thing. https://imgur.com/a/jcFVW

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3 hours ago, Mr. Fixer said:

also, steam account is Mr. Walter now because the backpack.tf somehow says i'm still Mr. Fixer x.e


Gotta change it on the forums click on ur name in the top right, press account settings then press edit profile and change your display name :P


You could probably sell this somewhere, G2A, ebay or on steam I suppose.

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