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I am new how do I set up a classifide


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Hover your mouse over the item you want to sell. There is button to choose to sell, then you declare prices in and description. Remmember to write actual price you want, if you write very low, but you won't sell for it and decline offer, you may be warned and your listing removed. As I see in your backpack, you maybe want to sell your vintages, so it's in my opinion is easiest using bots by checking price in buy orders (right colum), and sending offer for them, they accept like in 1 min, and pure will be yours. Also, check scrap.tf for scraping those weps you don't need.

Also, if you have 15 days delay, better find human trader, as bots probably won't take your items, as they don't intend to wait 15 days.

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