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Guide about Decorated/Unusual Weapons on backpack.tf

Woifi The Viking

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Since I see the same questions repeatedly I thought I throw this quick guide together.



Valve has changed decorated/unusual weapons multiple times now, which lead to many problems with them on backpack.tf. They changed war paints and war paint weapons from non-craftable to craftable, and they changed unusual weapons to be decorated weapons.


Update your listings:

If you have a listing up for an unusual weapon that was created before that date (somewhere early-mid december), I recommend you recreate the listing so it shows the currect layout. If everyone uses the up-to-date layout for their listings it will make it easier for other to find them.



Old listing (doesn't even show the skin anymore): 
If you check the items history, you will see this page: https://backpack.tf/item/4435711105 - 
New listing for the same item (just different ks):

Sidenote: Some weapons might still show up as unusual weapons tho despite all this.

Item history pages will always have the correct updated version.


Price suggestions:

Price suggestions should be made for the current version of the items. That means decorated weapon quality and most importantly craftable. 

You will sometimes see the old version of the item in compare links, that's cause compare links are a history snapshot, the item history again will show the current updated version.



Old suggestion:


The compare link used for sale 3 shows the old version:


But if you check the history shows the new version: https://backpack.tf/item/6368155373

That's not a bug, that's how the system works.

So in order for the item to get properly priced the suggestion had to be remade:

New suggestion: 



Searching Classified listings and premium search:

Yes, this actually works now. There is however an issue with the button that shows up in the popover window:

What doesnt work:


vjBsHLy.png + PGzlVoF.png
We are aware that those buttons currently do not function properly right now, it might take some time for this to get fixed, that's why I'm showing you a workaround in this guide.


How to do it instead:


For Classifieds:


Open any classified page and configure the filters yourself:
For example to get all listings for isotope flower power revolvers you need the following filters: 
I added the unusual quality as well as the decorated weapon quality so that I realy get all listings. I left out the filter for wears here.

After applying all the filters you should get this page:
https://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Revolver&texture_name=Flower Power&quality=15%2C5&particle=702



For Premium:


Same here, open the premium page and configure it yourself:

For example for all isotope flower power revovlers:
https://backpack.tf/premium/search?item=Revolver&texture_name=Flower Power&particle=702
v0qpzZ8.png´   MZ6kXIr.png 
(leaving out the actual names of the people)


Be aware that if the texture name includes special characters (like "&" in "Damascus & Mahogany"), the texture filter won't work properly. Writing "Damascus & Mahogany" will bring you to the same page as it would if you left it blank. In that case, you will have to manually find the skin among all that meet the criteria (item, effect, wear, etc.) that was previously defined.


I hope this guide could help with navigating on the site a bit! I know it's not that easy, especially for people unfamiliar with the site.

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A little more technical information: About two months ago after the Jungle Inferno update, the quality IDs for Unusual weapons were changed to those of Decorated Weapons (weapons with a paint kit). This is a complication, as they still display as Unusual weapons in-game. Despite them actually being Decorated Weapons, it is the attached particle effect which classifies them as being Unusual in-game and in Steam inventories.

This was a bit of a curveball as this change was unannounced, and broke an immutability clause which we depended on. Typically, we don't expect information for an existing item instance to change.


We did ask Valve if this was a bug, but the response was that this was done for consistency. When a non-Unique item is Strangified, it is given a "kill eater" (the kill tracker of a Strange weapon) attribute, and these items are displayed with a Strange border. Thus, Unusual Decorated weapons are now just Decorated Weapons with an attached particle effect. As a compromise, Unusual Decorated Weapons are currently displayed in the same way as an elevated Strange item.


I'm very aware this is not how they are displayed in game, and this might appear confusing, so this may be due to change.

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