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Which one?


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I couldn't find a way to spend my 10 keys unless getting a batsaber. But also I can get a cheap unusual too. What do you think? Which one is worth to buy and re-sell later? (or you can make a suggestion)


Stormy Storm Bloke's Bucket Hat - 10 Keys 17 Ref

Purple Confetti German Gonzila - 10 Keys 12 Ref

Steaming Whoopee Cap - 10 Keys 9 Ref

Steaming Fruit Shoot - 10 Keys 8 Ref

Purple Confetti Brain-Warming Wear - 10 Keys

Steaming Flipped Trilby - 10 Keys

Strange Stormy Storm Elf Esteem - 10 Keys

Aces High Burning Bandana - 9 Keys 30 Ref

Stormy Storm Shooter's Sola Topi - 9 Keys 17.66 Ref

Stormy Storm Sober Stuntman - 9 Keys 11 Ref

Steaming Glengarry Bonnet - 9 Keys 1 Ref


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41 minutes ago, Graatz said:

Go for taunts. They're cheap now and you can make some profit later.


Found good taunts. Thanks mate. 

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