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"Fully automatic trade bot's"


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let's just get it out of the way that this is my first thread on the forums and i don

't know where to put this Topic. SO, where should i start? ok so i will expect me some harsh comments about this but oh well!

So, we all know about bot.tf (i don't know if i am allowed to say that) and for me, that first of all want's to learn how to code but second of all want's to learn more how the bot's work. Well, the bot.tf and many more bot types want's you to put in the price for how much you want to buy it for and sell it for. Which makes it so that owning a bot is still time consuming and you have to put in work to make it successful. But there is this petite scale out of all of the hundreds of bots out there. That is made so that the bot will check the backpack.tf price/listings and either make a offer that matches them or that undercut them. And my question iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. Are those allowed? all you have to do is put in the stock limit and that you want to buy and sell an item once. I really want to buy one of those but have heard that the moderators here on backpack.tf might ban the bot from their site? so

1.Are the more automatic bots allowed?

2.If so is there any discussion ongoing (in public or in a staff chat of some sort) or will it be allowed for some future?

3. Teach me how to code :(


Come on now! Not to bad for a first thread? 


- Best regards The Tractor

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